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Hello! My name is TrashyMemes !
Let’s see my crappy animations/drawings until I actually get good :D

Information About My Main Ocs:
Orange is a half human half snail, which means she has a shell on her back, and antennas, she also likes the color and fruit orange, as you can tell, she’s 16 years old, so she’s basically in high school, her hobbies is pretty much just knitting. :D If you met her at first, she would be confident enough to meet you!

Pepperspray is almost fully human, I have no idea what Pepperspray’s halves would be yet. He likes the colors of flames, which is red, yellow, and orange, he’s 17 years old so almost into 11th grade but not yet, his hobbies are pepperspray their opponents, and protects Orange usually, if you met them at first, they would act calm without no problem!

Poison Ivy:
Poison Ivy is fully human, she likes the color green, and she’s 16 as well like Orange, so again she’s in high school as well, her hobbies are poisoning their opponent and protecting Watermelon, which I will tell later on, if you met them at first, they would ignore you, since Poison Ivy doesn’t really care about anyone other than Watermelon.

Watermelon is also fully human, he likes the color red and green, and likes the fruit watermelon, like in the name, and again, he is 16, and still in high school, his hobbies are protecting Poison Ivy, like she does, and cutting watermelons! :D If you met them at first, they would make fun of you, he is the bully after all.

Oreo is fully human, she likes the color black and white, and loves the food oreos, but she doesn’t eat a whole tone of them so she can know, diabetes, she is 17 years old, so almost in 11th grade, her hobbies are, baking, and drawing! If you met them at first, they would act shy, she is one of the first shy oc’s I’ve made.

IceCream is also fully human, he likes the color of any type of icecream, and favorite food is icecream, and like I said about Oreo, they still don’t eat that much to avoid diabetes, he is 16 years old, so still in high school, his hobby is baking, he cares about Oreo and is very cheerful, so if you met him at first, he would be so cheerful on meeting you.

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