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Please do not steal, claim, and/or trace any of my art/animations. Thank you, I’d appreciate it.

ALSO! Please do not get mad at me for creating anything that is graphic. Be aware that if you look at my art that you WILL SEE disturbing drawings. Do not look at my art if you are squeamish or sensitive to the following:
-disproportionate limbs/bodies/etc.,
-self harm

Welcome to my account!
Uh... yeah my previous account was WolfieSkylar123 but yeah. I kind of deleted the app because of my storage and I grew bored of the app but decided I should start new. I have grown better drawing-wise.

FYI: My pfp is of my own personal, digital art. It is owned by me and I do not want anyone else claiming it is theirs.
The app I used to make the art was Ibis Paint X

Heads up: I probably won’t post daily but I will try and check up on here now and then. Post art/animations now and then, but this isn’t going be an app that I use a lot.

Anyway here is some information about me:
Gender/sex: female
Zodiac sign: Libra ♎️
Spirit animal: bald eagle 🦅
Hobbies: soccer ⚽️, drawing traditional and digital drawing 📱✏️📒, playing video games 🎮, singing 🎤, writing/typing stories ✍🏼, and learning new things like vocabulary/psychology/etc.,

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