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Pfp from artbreeder

I like anime, I live in the U.S🌱
My favorite anime’s are:
Mob Psycho 100
Saiki k
Attack on Titan
One punch man

Not saying my age bc there are creepy ppl on the internet❌

A bit more abt me:

B-day: January 14th (Capricorn)
My favorite color is green :)
You can find more of my art on the Arts and OCs Amino! My username is Taikutsu ^_^☘️

I’m single as a Pringle T-T not really looking rn,🌹
but I’m open to a relationship with anyone really, _-_
I love receiving comments and compliments!💓

Music I listen to while drawing:🎵
Indie Japanese music
Anime openings and endings
SAO endings

I will usually post 2-3 times a week

I don’t vent on here, I don’t support LGBTQ+ But, that does not mean I hate or resent people who are, I simply just don’t support their ideals because I have my own and I am allowed to have my own ideals just like they can. I am not sending hate to them or anything like that. Please do not comment about this on my anime’s I don’t want to argue with anyone. ❤️

I just want to show my art to people who might enjoy it.

Commissions are closed at the moment! I am sorry, but I have my own art business now, so I wo t have the time or motivation TT-TT

Have a nice day <3

💗Special thanks to my lovely followers!!! You guys are awesome!💗

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