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STICKMAN 🔴 - bald, red T-shirt, blue trousers, green shoes.

Susan 💙 - orange hair, pink necklace, dark blue dress, migrator cape, migrator hand bands, purple leg bands, dark blue shoes.

Gil 🟢 - light brown hair, green T-shirt, gray shorts, black shoes.

Peyton 🟣 - black hair, light blue T-shirt, light purple tank top, blue trousers, black shoes.

Dave 🟡 - black-blue snapback, several hair, yellow hoodie with red hood and sleeve ends, dark blue trousers, dark gray shoes.

Molly 🔵 - red hair, blue dress, white socks, magenta shoes.

Steve ⚫ - brown hair, black T-shirt, cyan trousers, brown shoes

Tina 🌸 - coral hair, magenta hoodie with dark pink hood and zip, purple trousers, brown shoes.

Glenn 🟠 - dark orange hair, orange button T-shirt, white tank top, black trousers, gray shoes.

Angela 🩶 - crimson hair with pink hairband, dark grey T-shirt, light grey jacket, dark blue skirt, dark grey long socks, black shoes.

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