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私の名前はハッカリで、絵を描くのが大好きで、有名な画家になりたい限り、私の夢が叶うことを願っています。(◍ • ᴗ • ◍)
English (●’◡’●)
My name is Hakkari, I love painting very much, and as long as I wished to become a famous painter, I hope my dream would come true.🔥 💕♡ÃĮČĤÃ♡💕 shhdhrz9   √Suri√. . Kifu~ 💛ᗷTS⟭⟬💛 Rubio Please follow them ◉▽◉ ❤️ The king of nightmares is a monster that I composed. 🤍 ꒪꒳꒪
Serial killers He's my brother (╮°-°)╮
Kagame's muscles, I love him so much, I want to kiss him. (,,•﹏•,,)I want to kiss Vegeta first 💥🔥

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