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Β°Hey there β™₯︎° I'm Shine 🌀! And I love this app πŸ˜‚! This is Shine: Goofy πŸ€ͺ Loyal πŸ’– Cheerful πŸ’— Scared of pretty much, EVERYTHING πŸ’œ Loves everybodyπŸ’• Christian ✝️ πŸ˜‡ Sexuality: STRAIGHT πŸ‘§β™₯οΈŽπŸ‘¦ FAVORITE COLOR: πŸ’œ (I USE SO MUCH EMOJIES 😳) Favorite movie 🎬 : "I DON'T REALLY HAVE 1...

Pfp: MY OC πŸ€— , credits: galaxyenigma

Age: 13

Be happy 😊
Stay happy-

LOVE YOU ALL πŸ’— Baiiii~

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