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Hi!Welcome to my Page! I hope u like what i create
All about Stacy
Age:don't need to know
B-day:12 july
Personality:shy,funny,smartie,cute but spooky
Likes:anime,support,creepypasta,drawing,Undertale,pastel colors,sweets :3 music (Top,melanie martinez,starset,hollywood undead,panic at the disco)and all creepy stuff
Dislikes:haters,Slow Internet T_T,treated like a 5 years old girl.
All about me:Q/A
Q:what Type of girl are u?(like Popular,Beatiful...)
A:I am emo...
Q:Fav. Colors?
A:black,dark blue
Q:girl or Boy?
A:i am a girl
A:nobody need to know (i am young maybe 11)
Q:Fav. Things?
A:playing games,support,creepypasta and all creepy stuff,Listen music,Animating,drawing,anime
A:i don't know how to love somebody but i would like to.
Q:are u homo?
A:i support Gays and lesbians but i am straight
Q:what do u like to wear the most?
A:black hoodies (cuz i like to hide)
Q: Personality?
A:shy,dark,smartie,trying to be funny,emotional
Q:what Kind of music u like?
A:Rock and melanie martinez music
I think that is all for now

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