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My profile:
G:F | A:11 | Crush:No one |
L:Music, drawing, dancing, sweets,games...WIP | leader of the Crossover club & Tomboy club
DL:Bullies,art theif,Mary Sue's
I like to doubt myself with most things to block me from doing stuff I would regret...
Melody,Dave,Zoe,Carder, Bon,Lunanna,Spara,Trip,Rosea,Toe, Portal,Mai Mai,Kia,A,Eye,Hairy ,Mr.Web ,Ro ,Peanut, Lavender, Jelly, Butter ,Magic ,Cupcake ,Shade,Leon,Comic,Alex, David,Aaron,Lilac
Sorry my old account Maki_Animation got deleted because I got a new phone.

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