Autumn (Semi-Hiatus)

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Psh I’m not a Tom fangirl you are.

I joined Sept. 24, 2017

Where you can find me;
TikTok; @autumn_2_0_8
Warriors Amino; @Autumn is Cold ;-;
AC Pocket Camp; @Abbey
Pokèmon Go; @Abbey200826
Instagram; @autumn_2_0_8
YouTube; @Autumn 208
Roblox: @auutumn_208
AnimeMaker; @Autumn (Semi-Hiatus)

“ This is what cats get for spreading their fur all over me and killing me to death “ -Autumn, August 30th 2018
" The secret to a long life is not dying " -My 5th grade teacher, September 15? 2018

" Bippity, Bopity, BEGONE THOT " -Autumn, October 18th

" I've grown a little wiener, grown a little boner " -Brittney, October 18th 2018

Birthdays Today; None ^^ If it’s your birthday, I keep track, feel free to tell me!

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