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King Fluffy of burrito / moo

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About the artist( also known as lᏋᎲ)
I’m female
I have ADHD
Mood: I’m feeling shitty!
Hhhh I’m so nervous to talk to people most of the time....that I think everyone is against me but I’m mostly wrong about that.... do you hear that..that’s the sound of my complaining (Grim you make me happy and I hope we can meet face to face, I love you and hope you love me too)
(I'm O̶k̶! ㄥ S山モ丹尺 工爪 下工れモ! ㄗㄥモ丹Sモ 刀口れ匕 山口尺尺ㄚ 丹乃口∪匕 爪モ! ㄥ爪 J∪S匕 丹 爪口口!)

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