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Pfp by Jaru~🖤
Definitely one of my favourite fanart, maybe even my favourite! Seriously go follow him 😤

Gender: Girl 🧕🏼
Religion: islam ☪️
High:170 ( I know I am short don’t need to tell me )
Birthday: 11/12 (11th December)
Sexuality: straight

~Watch animes without parents around cuz I think you all understand why 😓
~Play Genshin Impact
~ EAT!!

~Peoples that are obsessed with iNaPrOpRiAtE things and have dirty mind!( if you are this this kind of person, GET OUT I DONT WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN!!!)

👑Credit to those people cuz they are incredible👑:

~Jaru~🖤/ Jura~🤍
~Narancia If You Out There
~Small_Girl X Little_Girl
~LilKyuniChii₍ ᐢ..ᐢ ₎🍓
~♡{{Pa̸n̸icK̸e̸yy}} ♡
~Rubio / BeerGuy
~ ✧*MoonLitMacaron✧*

Go follow them, trust me they deserve it!!

To lazy to finish, have a nice day
(∩ᄑωᄑ)⊃━☆゚*・。*・:≡( ε:)

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