The earth and sun's complicated relationship

Ah yes, another space thingy :3

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wE bE sPitTiNg FaCtZ

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When the sun is a red giant, the earth will molt due to the sun's heat, and get sucked in the sun. Mars will become a dead planet with no atmosphere. Venus will be swallowed, Mercury Will be swallowed, Jupiter will larger in size and have a enchanted aurora. Saturn tempature increases and have a aurora. Uranus and Neptune will not change.

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The sun rays all planets, transform into small star, and we go to heaven.

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  Unorganized Entertainment

Well maybe according to caculations, the sun might get so big that earth gets sucked in THEN turns to a white dwarfs, then after that probably it will get sucked up by the nearest black hole.

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The "gaining weight part" is wrong it'll only expand when it's energy gets low, and then collapse into a white dwarf

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