Pain is relative

Flynn!!!(oc chart)

Here’s a drawing of him, and his character sheet ;)

I’ve been planning to introduce my ocs, so here we gooo

Story factors:
•bind marks are mark on ones body that binds them to an object. This binder object is the persons power source.
•hell, demons, angels, grim reapers,humans and gods are all factors of the story. But the Christian god is not. godS.

Now about Flynn!!
•19 years of age. Birthday is oct 27th.
•gay, femboy.
•a shortie. Uses platforms to look taller ;)
•very gentle and calm. Strong sense of empathy
•tea over coffee
•mom of the group.
•lives alone, but was raised by his uncle.No siblings.
•bind mark is located on his inner forearm
•binded to a necklace(i drew the wrong symbol on his necklace QwQ it’s supposed to be a religious symbol unique to that universe. Not the cross)
•able to manipulate the atoms in things and control them.

Example: making a brick into a puddle, and moving that puddle somewhere else. Then making it the texture of a brick again.

Feel free to ask questions about him!

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  Pain is relative

Ty senpai ✨✨

3 years ago   Reply
  Floor !!

So cute 👏😼✨💕

3 years ago   Reply
  Pain is relative

Ty (: it took me a long time to plan out so I’m glad you like it :)

3 years ago   Reply

:0 Thats so cool!!
and very unique, i like that a lot! C:

3 years ago   Reply

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