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!!IMPORTANT!! Regarding the recent incident with Abdel

First of all i want to say if your not gonna take the time to read all of this because its too long or you dont care then get the hell off and dont bother commenting at all.

Now the message of awareness with proof in screenshots:

“this is all information compiled from calis and abdels, if you have any questions dm the people involved
1-4 are abdel trying to get with cali, a 14 year old, the rest are backings to him being homophobic and using gods word to try and get with minors (5-9)
You don’t have to look at each one just the first four to know he’s a shit person if you still interact with him or support him in any way ur disgusting, just because he’s talented doesn’t give him a free pass to be disgusting. This can be triggering so tw for- manipulation using religion, homophobia and pedophilia.

1. https://pasteboard.co/eAiziVHyItXN.jpg

2. https://pasteboard.co/jv67tYcO9q2Q.jpg

3. https://pasteboard.co/vjHWww5ozk4t.jpg

4. https://pasteboard.co/iOdyJzhGWG9V.jpg

5. https://pasteboard.co/wFO64vSBtCch.jpg

6. https://pasteboard.co/rU6ATW0I77ca.jpg

7. https://pasteboard.co/hURmEw5RSHWT.jpg

8. https://pasteboard.co/oIV6KrgkWhmu.jpg

9 https://pasteboard.co/P2J29H4YLAYD.jpg

Disclaimer- The people involved are abdel himself, Cali, corn and ian, this was typed out and pasteboarded ian so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to dm us, we asked our friend lil devil to upload this to get the word out and spread awareness to the just weird decisions abdel chooses to make as a 17 year old. I’m sorry to abdels gf and those who are or have been affected by these same actions, this is serious and we need to do something about it. This is an exposé including evidence and witnesses. All the links have a description so go check those out if you have any questions, they’re probably already answered there. What are we expecting? If not a response than an apology, not just to Cali but to all those abdel has harmed. Were asking you to step in and mass report abdels account, If you have a big following then spread the word by linking back to this post or copy pasting what we have here. Thanks,

First off, my apologies to cali, corn and all those who were/are affected by this. Hope things get better for u all

Just gonna say the way he acted was gross and super uncomfortable especially because hes almost legally an adult…talking to cali about her sexuality while purposely trying to force her into something she doesnt want. Imagine, being so inmature you cant just stop and leave her alone after she told u. No but instead he kept going even when cali told him she wasn’t interested. Basically using death threats to try to get her to do what he wants like wtf? “Yea sure in that case i’ll totally help you cheat on your gf 😍”
Weird how hes so persistent on cheating on his “gf”, which id bet my life, doesnt exist. Cmon man we all know u like 11 year olds
Those of u who think its not a big deal… put yourself in cal’s situation. Wouldnt it also make you uncomfortable? The screenshots are there so you all can see how creepy he is. Well…how creepy he continues to be despite “wanting to change.”

Just gonna say ive seen every single screenshot and ive never felt more creeped out in my life. Giving middle aged man vibes 😐
ALSO: if you think the screenshots are edited, fake, dont prove anything, or are not that important… screw you. Theres ppl that are affected by this. Just because you havent had any personal experience with abdel being weird doesnt mean its not true or its a “well who cares” matter. Im not asking you to attack him either. Im asking you to think with your brain and discern whether or not you actually want to follow/talk to/or support this weirdo. (Theres also been more issues hes caused which are very serious. Go to Miner!aster’s post on abdel as he covers everything abdel has done)

My response to abdels apology? Ahem…
LMAOOO why are you even trying to apologize to me or mochi??? Why did u feel the need to change a post that had nothing to do with anything and write ur crappy apology there??! 😆 making me pee.
I had a stroke trynna read it. Why can u make a separate post just apologizing to cali and the others involved themselves? I cant forgive you LOL thats not even my place! Shut up with your “im gonna be better guys i promise uwu”. U literally deleted the post to! And going though your comments, A SORRY PERSON WOULDNT TRY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES IN THINGS THEY SAID SORRY ABOUT. YOU LITERALLY HARASSED HER. WHATS YOUR EXCUSE.. oh sorry…. “Justification” for that?!?! Pff. You literally havent changed at all
So lame <3
Also for gods sakes stop trynna blame things on me and mochi when YOU are the offender. We are all responsible for our damn actions. If Froggy chooses to spread awareness about ur repeated sexual and emotional harassment then whats it to u??? Piss off. With your poorly written self pity party. You have no write to ask for forgiveness. You continue to do the same exact things! Wheres the change boo? 😍. Still searching and waiting but honestly i doubt you’d ever change smh

❤️To all my followers and friends: JUST SPAM REPORT HIM idc at this point just get him kicked out❤️

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I agree adbel is just freaking weird

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I have only got up to paste board 5. Is this 'Abdul' a Christian? First in the bible it states that you should not force religious activities or religion on living beings. Cheating yes is adultery which is in the 10 commandments. The 10 most important commandments!! God made man and woman to reproduce but he also gave them free will (To do whatever they wanted). not saying you should go have an affair with an animal as that is against the law but you should be able to date whoever you want!! I am 14 aswell and I totally understand how she is feeling i just think this behaviour coming from an almost adult in a few states/ countries/ continents. Is disgusting This is not a Christians behaviour!! He has Evil in him, and he is refusing for it to come out.

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