sakii's old design

looking back at her original design
kinda makes me think of all of the friends I've made and lost these two years
it's sad that the majority of them kinda left </3
I used to interact more with my followers too
(if you were someone I knew or were friends with reading this thank you <3)
(I really appreciate Donut🌸 / SakuraSushi for being with me back then please follow her <3)
and back then my art style was more of the cutesy type and not so complicated
the lines were thicker and I could make most drawings in 4-5 minutes unlike now
I honestly miss those days tbh.. I was a little more popular back then and the app was less dead

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  Death angelo -Member of the...


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  Death angelo -Member of the...

I'm so glad you introduced me to all this. I still remember those times when we would go on a google meet and draw for hours and chat on google hangouts ;-; Good times!! It's sad to see you archiving all your old posts as they remind me of the days but I support you no matter what (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Hey nice to see you again sakii! I remember those times when we were all starting out it was really fun chatting and drawing together on this app!! (Y’know making fanarts, starting a club/group and joining other artist on an account) Those were all memories I treasure.You gave me a good reason to keep drawing and you were one of my first friends on here(along with DeathAngelo and Nimichy). Glad that your artstyle has improved so much :D <33

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I remember being really inspired by your art back then, nim!
I was sort of a fan of yours tbh..your art encouraged me to continue drawing and to push through the hard times <3
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your drawings :)
(they are absolutely mesmerizing to look at)

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aww thanks <3
ive been trying to improve while on
rlly long breaks from this app

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