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I usually don’t post just portrays but I am trying to mix things up on this channel since it’s been dead and I’ve been unmotivated to draw here so I’m mixing it up lol. This is a portray of my character Peach the albino vampire bat. The cliff notes of his story is, he is a vampire bat who has gotten mixed up with a bunch of Pygmy fruit bats who though he was a missing kit but turned out to be a completely different bat, so they raise him but his vampire bat nature comes out, he tried for a bit to fight his nature but gave up and started to kill birds but his brother finds him and flies to tell the colony about his horrible deeds but he kills his brother, eventually everyone finds out and he is called a murder and casted out, he flies away and is hurt and injured and finds more vampire bats, but they see he is small and weak and kill him. It’s not a very developed story, more something I just made up in a long car drive that I like to draw sometimes when I wanna draw a edgy drawing lol. Oh and the bats are named after fruits. I had a lot of fun making this portrait of him and I hope to make more.
Hope y’all enjoy 🦇🌺

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I love it

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Wow nice

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  Blaze the fox ★

So pretty!!!!

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  Super Éclair™


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  Silver :V

This is a sad story.
But did you know that it is somewhat similar to the silver story? Especially the rejection part

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