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Welp, I guess this is good bye

To be honest, I wanted to stay here a bit longer because of the many fun times I had in this app. But recently I've noticed how I wasn't checking in on this app for a long while. Heck my previous post was posted probably 45-47 days from now when this was posted. Anyways I had alot of fun while I was heavily active on this app. The many friends I made along the way, the many followers that I got in which THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and the memories that's been made. And though I would've wanted to stay, the reason why I feel like leaving this app is because I became so busy with my life that I wouldn't have time to check in for those who still check in on me or even this app. I will honestly miss all of this and the friends I made that's still active in this app and hoping that everyone will do well. I will miss you all. And if I were to come here again, it would be on a different account and name. And if this account becomes active again, I'm letting you all know that IT'S NOT ME. Also I'm saying it right now so you guys would know, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE MY OC's IN WHICH IT ALSO INCLUDES MY PERSONAS. Anyways after all that, thank you for making my 5 year run last. And if possible, until we meet again. Thank you for everything. -YeeSkeleBoi

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Until next time

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Cya man, at least we’re going together

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