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Just your kind, lazy, and sometimes funny skeleton that's not on here 70% of the time.
OC's: YeeSkeleBoi/ScienceSkeleBoi/InkedSkeleBoi/CheshireSkeleCat(personas), Ivy the Moth, Devon the Demon, Volup the Vixen, (Fem) Snapdragon, Nicole Coyote,...
Protecting: Fawn and Slimaria
Squad/Clubs: Dino Squad
My friends are the ones I'm following.
Wow + oof = Woof. Lol + oof = Loloof.
Pet(s) I own (not irl): Bud
AU's I kinda made that are probably not gonna be famous: FieldTale
My AU shared with Emo Chara: AniTale Maker
“Look, if you guys don’t like anything I post, then it’s fine by me. I’m not judging, and I won’t hate you guys for your opinions on how you feel. Just don’t be rude and be understanding. Also if there’s any form of beef you have with someone, you should just deal it with them. Don’t just attack someone just because they have a connection with them. And look, I’m not pointing fingers, and I’m not blaming anyone. I’m not forcing you to shut up. You do You. I’m just saying that just be aware that some of us might have nothing to do with it at all.”

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