there is a WAR going on, people are commiting r*pe, genocide, and infanticide, and what are we doing about it? (TW: vent post)

say that what those F**KED UP PEOPLE are "being brave and bold" for DECAPITATING BABIES
and sit around calling people like me "homophobic and transphobic" FOR BEING CIS AND STRAIGHT

not to mention I support same-sex marriage, and people with gender disphoria. (I don't support stupid tho)

I lost faith in humanity
I hope humans go extinct due to their own stupidity.

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  Asoknajasa(STOP SAYING IM H...

America, A country built on FREEDOM and FREE RIGHTS.

By giving people the ability to be free, Individualism goes insane, I am too lazy to make this message make sense but I'll make a post about it.

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People focus on the wrong priorities

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