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Dude it’s so annoying!!

Like I’ve seen so many people in movies AND in real life when they want to be popular and “pretty” just to get attention of their crush. Like if you like them just go over and f**king ask them out for a date and if they say no DEAL WITH IT! IT’S NOT THE END OF YOUR GOD DAMN LIFE!! LIKE IF YOU HAVE A SECOND CRUSH GO ASK THEM AND IF THEY SAY NO WAIT A GOD DAMN BIT UNTIL SOMEONE ASKS YOU OUT FOR A DATE! ITS NOT THAT F**KING HARD! Like honestly I don’t care if I’m pretty or popular I don’t f**king care. I have no interests in life which means no one catches my eye and frankly no one does because the boys at my school are stupid and don’t seem my type. Like I’ll wait 15 years just to get with someone. I don’t care. I really don’t need to be popular or pretty. Like why does it matter? Also why do you need to be pretty and popular just to make friends? If you want friends THEN F**KING ASK THEM AND IF THEY SAY NO F**KING DEAL WITH IT! IT’S NOT THE END OF YOUR LIFE! It’s just so annoying! Like it’s not hard to ask! Right? I just wanna jump of a cliff sometimes because of it.

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