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Soo uhm hello

Its been a while since i've been here n i see that soo much has change and some stayed the same. Ik i have said this alot n it became smt so normal if thats how it said, im leavin animemaker again eheh but rn i mean it. I grew fond in this place for so long that whenever i wanted to leave i keep coming bk, i truly love this place n the ppl i meet but as i grew, the bothering feeling in me grew as well. As much as i masmerized this place so much but as i stay, i feel an ache, a painful one. As many good and lovely memorise i made, it will fade while the nightmares remains strong in memory and the feeling of ashame n useless is there. No one made me feel like this but myself and i deserve that feeling. I wished to continue being here, giving u all laughter n love but i couldnt keep it up for i neglected myself n loose sm n still progressing self-care that i couldnt share it. The string of my patience was cut, i wouldnt want u all see me the person i am today, the broken person i am, i dont want anyone hurt bc of my childish desires that might happen. So when healing is done i might as well come bk, im sorry if i let u all down or anything. Idk why but i should apologise therefore, i also need to apologise to myself that staying here for too long can hurt my mentality. Thank u all for staying n being here w me for this long. I love n adore u all♥️

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Oof i miss ya very hard

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okie, even though I'm too late, I hope you have many wonderful days
you've been a great friend to many
I wish for you the best ❤

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Take care

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I hope the best in life ✨💛

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