DNI (Do not interact) ʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃ

What did Adbel do??




Ah, it's best you look up posts about it. MinerMaster made a really detailed on a while ago. Personally. I don't really pay attention to what others say about him, but he's been rude to me before and started drama on my page.

My personal experience with him has included:
Him getting mad at me for not liking him back after he said he liked me
Accused me of copying his OC with my OC Leo who existed before I even knew who Abdel was
Admitted he'll make more accounts if I blocked him for wanting him to leave me alone
Got upset at me because he thought I blocked him on Discord when I didn't and proceeded to call me and my friends names and told my friend to "die"
He ignored me more than 3 times when I told him to leave me alone on my own page

I don't like bringing him up, but it explains why I don't want him or his followers/ supporters interacting with me.

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