Genshin Adventures with 🔶Mayar🔶 W.I.P.

AHHH I HAVENT SEEN THIS !!! this is so pretty!!! 🤍🤍🤍💞💞🥺 I LOVE IT (о´∀`о)~~🤍🤍💞💞✨✨✨ it’s very clean and love the details sm 🥺 I’m very happy 💛💛🤍🤍 I wish I’ve seen this earlier!

And yes,, I agree 💛😭 those mushrooms look very adorable and cute vv but(゚ω゚) the dendro fungi smtimes piss be off bc they fly a lot and it gets very difficult to hit it w polearm/sword users,, </3




OF COURSE! MWAH MWAH! I'm adding more and maybe I'll just make it on Instagram instead to be more detailed like a comic, but yeah! It's so fun to doodle <3
And yeah ToT I like the hydro ones because they're cute, but all the flying ones get on my nerves as an Ayaka main FDSFSDH

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