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I can now confirm that abdel is actually insane😻😻

Hello! I just dug through Abdel’s comment history, enjoy ❤️

- Hahaha omg I am actually underrated yes and you can die if your not happy idc if you hate on me are gonna explode of hate hate hate 🤪
- I suck ye , but you suck better then me for you it's a talent
- Stfu your mother pooped you 🥱
- What a shitty drawing 🤓
- You annoy me with your shitty drawings of your oc Can you do something else ? What happened to your epic things ? You didn't have been like that Antony
- A man is a man and a woman is a woman it's like that , its biologycal sorry but it's the truth and it's my opinion hate me if you want but even if the whole AnimeMaker hate me it's like that no one cant change it if your not happy ask god why you created us like that (Context, Transphobia)
- :D because Kenmaz are never gonna ban one of his more talented users idiot (Context, believes he can do whatever he wants because of the solid belief he will never be banned)


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