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Old Account: The comic dub (maybe)and the shipping person | Afterdeath | fusiontale | underlust | aslyumtale | my new OTP is dust!sans x swapfell sans >^< | Neontale | invisibletale | Flowertale | Paintale/inktale | UnderGAME | Undershy | TwistedTale | SwapFell |

(Please notice that i’ve changed and am trying to be a new person, please don’t reference anything i’ve said in the past, i’ve noticed my mistakes.)

i found my account again, crazy isn’t it? After almost 4 years

Have a good day/night! stay strong and be kind!

Where can u find me? Well, it's right here!
Discord: keanu reeves squip#3917
YouTube: Honeymoon
Pinterest: HopefullStars
Roblox: Chara_andasrielUT
Spotify: HopefullStars
Twitter: Comet / Honeymoon (C0metHoneymoon)

My carrd!

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