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Ohayou! I'ṃ ṅʏȏṃı 0-0
!! And you are reading my long stupid profile :D Q&A is down their so don't expect even a word from meh MK? MK *^* My spirit animal is a panda recommending it's my favori- Ay! I said Q&A IS DOWN THERE >_< Anyyyyyywwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyysssssssss no need to show me ANY respect. My crush ((Olddd blue me)) has a crush on Pit oh lord! I said that out loud Welp it's on the internet know =w= also I'm a pretty calm person & if your dealing with depression come to me cuz your not alone Hun :3 enjoy a nice cup of tea! -hands you a empty cup- HUHEHUEHUEHHEUEHUHEU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I love Meems! #MeemStar #Meemz also Tato is bae @-@ so if you touch her I swear you will not see light AGAIN -huff puff- I'm a rag! I'm a depressing lil brat that will ruin your day (I don't swear enless I'm really mad) sooooo go get hot chocolate and not talk to me! ALSO! I have more to murmur about so put on you big boy/girl underpants on, we're still on the ride! So, My bbbbbbfffffflllllll is Jayla!! So if you mess w/ her I will drop kick you to Spain! now bye!!
Also, if you dare hurt mew Cinnamon Rolls you will
Get a poundage 0w0
I am a Furry ((Bunny))
I love dogs, I own 2:
Tyson & Nova! ↖(^ω^)↗
I also Luv Undertale!

So take dem' facts 4 real z's & hav a fab day!!

ѧʟṡȏ, һєяє ѧяє ȏ.ċṡ ṭһѧṭ ṅєєԀ ṡһıƿƿıṅɢ,


ṭһє яєṡṭ ѧяє ṡһıƿƿєԀ ;ẇ;

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