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Profile picture drawn by the amazing @Willow!

“Part of the story is the end.”

Hi! I’m a huge nerd, so most/all of the things you find here will be about the many fandoms i’m in. Don’t be afraid to recommend things! I love getting prompts from other artists and drawing what I think.

*Age 13
*Gender-fluid!! That means I use all of the imaginable pronouns. Whatever you’re comfortable with, I am too!
*A fan-person
*Ace-sexual! That basically means that I love everyone as friends and maybe eventually as more than that but I don’t wanna do any of that mushy stuff 😂
*Fears- Spiders, Needles, Dolls(Ironic huh?), and the dark
*Likes- Literally to much to list
*Dislikes- Toxic people.
I love each and everyone one of you. Don’t be afraid to tell me what’s going on in your life!! I’ll try my best to help you out.

OTP: HatedDoll! (I might be a bit biased)

Online: 💙 ((all amiss this great big world))

RolePlay Info:

ButtonTale Sans-
*Age 14
*Usually acts like regular UnderSwap Sans unless around his brother or when he feels threatened
*A general Cinnamon Roll
*Clothing= The iconic blue scarf with an addition of the iconic Coraline yellow rain jacket over a bone print blue sweater with black leggings and blue boots
*Stutters when nervous or excited
*Fears= NEEDLES, Buttons, Spiders, and doors where they shouldn’t be
*Likes= Anyone who tries their best, the color blue, and his friends
*Dislikes= Mean people, dark places, the color orange
*Best Friends= Glitch Frisk, F!G, Sugar, Error, Nightmare, basically everyone he’s ever come in contact with excluding that one lone run in at Freddy Frazbear’s Pizzeria
*Sibling(s)= ButtonTale Pap
*DATING= Hate Sans 🖤 ((I loves you!!))

Game Human= Undertale-
*Age 4
*A little weird but their friends love them anyway
*Usually loud and eccentric
*Clothing= a black shirt with a red heart in the middle, brown shorts with black leggings and red boots
*Fears=Falling, Wars
*Best Friend=??

Patton Sanders-
*Age= 25
*Gender= Male
*Caring and Funny
*Tells awesome Dad Jokes
*Sexuality= Gay
*Clothing= A grey cat hoodie over a blue polo shirt with khaki shorts and black Warby Parker’s
*Fears= SPIDERS, liars
*Best Friends= Virgil, Roman, and Logan
*Likes= Spending time with friends, eating cookies
*Dislikes= Liars, Feeling bad

Peter Parker-
*Age 15
*Gender= Male
*Smart and Funny
*Everyones favorite spider-kid
*Sexuality= Bi
*Clothing= Converse, Blue jeans, and some kind of science pun t-shirt over a long sleeved polo
*Fears= Drowning, Losing those he loves, Being crushed
*Best Friends= ??
*Likes= The Avengers, saving people, sCiEnCe, and memes
*Dislikes= Bad Guys, Mean people

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