on 1-2 month mental break

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No i do not have Discord, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media anymore. including this app. i have uninstalled everything.
i have gotten a lot of hate lately and a bunch of drama, so im gone for a long time to heal and be able to communicate properly.

the only person that has access to me is VIAVIAD.
(I'll try to be in contact with you too, mishelle just have to figure something out)

im sorry i did this unannounced, i did not want people spamming my comment section ti stay here and deal with it.

But hey, maybe i wont come back 🎊 (hooray!)

(i do have the exported data saved in my files, so if i do come back, i have all my drawings lol)

So yeah, there you have it
the whore is on vacation


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