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(03/24/2024); hey, fixed some things, they're more recent now. Sorry for being cringe back then, I was 10-12

I have 14, wish to not live any longer or past 15

I'm actually Transexual and AroAce

Born a girl, forced to be one.

I never actually felt love, it was just unhealthy obsession in the end

My zodiac sign is Virgo!(i was born in september 2nd)

I like any animals, minus insects if they're close to me or scary

I have 1 dog 1 guinea pig but 2 cats now!!!

My drawing skills aren't very good here, but I can draw good at least even if I say the opposite lol
(I still suck when it comes to drawing here.)

Anxious, Depressive homosexual teenager

My favorite emoji is :3
I wish I wasn't born at all

My nationality is Brazilian, Spanish sucks but my English is decent

I love BL principally Mo Dao Zu Shi(The grandmaster of demonic cultivation) and Tian Guan Ci Fu(Heaven's official blessing)

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