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He call me lucky yeeh, and I'm gonna show about a lil bih of me

I actually haev 11-13 year's!

My sexuality's is bissexual and Gender-Fluid!
(I have been felling like a boys these days)

As you can see I'm a girl!

I'm more into girl's y'know? But I have fallen in love whit a guy in my old school-

My zodiac sign is Virgo!(i was born in september 2nd)

My favorite Animals are Cat,Dog, Snake,Fox & parrots!

I have 1 dog 1 guinea pig and 1 cat(the birds all died of oldness...)

My drawing skills aren't very good here, but I can draw good at least even if I say the opposite lol

And I actually suffer from anxiety- used pill to calm my anxiety but I didn't helped lol

My favorite word is ✨lol✨
I wished I was born in EUA,Russia, china, Korea or Japan lolw

My nationality is Brazilian, so my Spanish sucks but my English is normal lol

I love BL comics principally mo dao zu shi(The grandmaster of demonic cultivation) and tian guan ci fu(Heaven official's blessing)

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