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Hi!, i'm ✨Intruder✨
Pronounces: ✨She/Her They/Them✨
And I’m the (leader of 🔥The Villain Group🔥)
(🪓Mr.G!🪓 ( a member of 🔥the villain group 🔥)
(~Night~ (Member of 🔥The villain group🔥)
💚🍗ꪗᦲꪊ᥅._.ꪶᦲᥴꪖꪶ._.ᥴꫝ᧒ᥴᛕꫀꪀ🍗💚 (Member of 🔥The villain group🔥) (Leader of 🖤Dark power🖤 group)
༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
Welcome to my Profile!
Mostly I try to be more active on this account and I draw most things like fan art, random sketches, and also requests that I could take from other artist!

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