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i'm Leviathan
And I’m the (leader of 🔥The Villain Group🔥)
(🪓Mr.G!🪓 ( a member of 🔥the villain group 🔥)
(~Night~ (Member of 🔥The villain group🔥)
💚🍗ꪗᦲꪊ᥅._.ꪶᦲᥴꪖꪶ._.ᥴꫝ᧒ᥴᛕꫀꪀ🍗💚 (Member of 🔥The villain group🔥) (Leader of 🖤Dark power🖤 group)
༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
Welcome to my Profile!
From now on, I’m gonna be less active because of simply just growing bored of this app, not that it’s bad or anything but just simply growing out of it and moving on to something else, but I’ll draw once in a while if I feel like it!

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