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SanyTheKitten (member of club stickyweed🌿) [sorry,im not allowed to be on this app anymore]

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Hola friend, this is where I post stuff and animations I guess. This was also originally met to be a troll account.

Gender: F (she/her)
Sexuality: Straight
Crush/taken by: lettuce
Hight: 3’4
B-day: 1/23

Nika (sanys daughter)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender: Transwomen (they/them)
Age: 14
Crush/taken by: none
B-day: 5/24
Hight: 5’9

Sarah (sanys younger daughter)
Sexuality: unknown
Gender: F
Age: 1
Crush/taken by:none
Hight: 1’2

Realistic sany (sanys twin sister)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: F
Age: 24
B-day: 1/23
Hight: 7’9

Myself (Liliana)
Sexually: Lesbian and asexual
Gender: F (she/her)
Age: 11
B-day: 5/4/11
Hight: 5’4ish
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(More upcoming, im very uninspired)

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