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Once Cotton Candy the Cat
To Dolly Lin
To Tinsel

what a pipeline!!

this account isnt active ^__^ other than the occasional check in (aka whenever i remember this hellhole of an app exists)

i hope you all are doing well and you enjoy looking at my weird art. and. stuff. and of course my improvement over the years :]

if by some miracle the people who i called my friends on here see this

im so sorry you had to get to know me like that šŸ’€
so mean and gross and weird!!(in the bad way)

but anyways here r my socials :]

twitter: tinselbats
instagram: tinseldoesart
roblox: tinseii
discord: tinsel#1090

i dont usually accept random friend requests on discord or roblox just as a heads up ^__^ if you wanna chat feel free to dm request on twitter or insta so we can chat there or so you can tell me to accept ur friend request

just plz let me know how i know u or ill be confused

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