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Hi I'm Leela! ☆♡
I love to draw ☆♡◇
I'm 10 years old✨️
Do you support young artists like me?🎈🎉
Bc I do and I am one!!!
I have 13 oc's but my main one is me LEELA!
My other oc's are waffle, burger and his baby, Stupid Potato, Naked Christopher, lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Orange and Bibo!
My poem I made •♡•

You guys are the best you all mean everything to me so,
You are the best ❤️
You always put me up to the test📑😊
Even though most of you draw stickmen😅
You will always be special 🥰
Even though you quit🫧
You always came back😊🫸🫷🥹
I love you all😘☺️
So let's just put this poem up on the wall💝
__Poem made by LeelaWiffWaffles__
If your following me you are so kind and thank you so much and even if
you are not thats ok but please do!✨️🎈🎉 (I'm not forcing :-] )
This is how may followers I have right now ✨️🏅🎉 ( This will be changed)
10 ✔️

______ 🤪🩷Tysm for following me!🩷🤪______

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Hi I am Jill❤️‍🔥

This is really good! If you follow me I will follow u back?

9 hours ago   Reply (1)

artblock is so heavy

Draw all ur oc's together

9 hours ago   Reply

My my feelings

And my stress is 99%

10 hours ago   Reply

My my feelings

My craziness is 100%

10 hours ago   Reply

is there any people here that aren't brainrot?

No but I just have to say you pfp is so pretty ur so pretty bro 😊😉😀

3 days ago   Reply (1)

come to the land of the lost and lonely!

This made me feel comfortable 🥲 ty 😊 and don't be afraid of you u are cuz imagine lesbianism I think! ✌️😊 and no we are not freaks lol 🤣🙂

3 days ago   Reply