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Hi I'm Leela! ☆♡
I love to draw ☆♡◇
I'm 10 years old✨️
Do you support young artists like me?🎈🎉
Bc I do and I am one!!!
I have 11 oc's but my main one is me LEELA!
My other oc's are waffle, burger and his baby, lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Orange and Bibo!
My poem I made •♡•

You guys are the best you all mean everything to me so,
You are the best ❤️
You always put me up to the test📑😊
Even though most of you draw stickmen😅
You will always be special 🥰
Even though you quit🫧
You always came back😊🫸🫷🥹
I love you all😘☺️
So let's just put this poem up on the wall💝
__Poem made by LeelaWiffWaffles__
If your following me you are so kind and thank you so much and even if
you are not thats ok but please do!✨️🎈🎉 (I'm not forcing :-] )
This is how may followers I have right now ✨️🏅🎉 ( This will be changed)
10 ✔️

______ 🤪🩷Tysm for following me!🩷🤪______

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