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Idk what this account is anymore lol

Hi! I’m iamafish but y’all can call me fish, Welcome to my page, I hope you like what I have U^ェ^U (btw if you wanna use my oc for some reason go ahead idc)
(section kept for memory of my first bio lol)

this stupid account was created on november 3rd, 2019
I'll dissolve when the rain pours in,
When the nightmares take me,
I will scream with the howling wind,
'Cause it's a bitter world and I'd rather dream.

.............. .:/ pez
............,,////////;, ,;/
........... ''\\\\\\\\'" ';\
............... ';\

Hears some things about me:
Species: chinchilla
Likes: chinchillas, owl city, gorillaz, blur, googly eyes, latex gloves, fish
Dislikes: EMOJIS, god I HATE emojis
Mood: bored, sometimes happy

Im also an ACA, yee army, and Dino squad member :P

My pfp was made by the council of Todd

HELLO JIMMYS - Slampy was here :D

Oc’s: fish (me), Winston, Fred, psychotic rabbit, roach, Fennec Galaxy, Fennec, aliki, Lone hyena (rip), stride fennec, daxter, covid the furby, fish 2.0/duckdog fish


Y’all should follow my good friends: pat, livi, and babyyoda

jk jk dirt’s the swaggiest

Here’s the link to that one Pokemon episode that got banned just in case for some reason you wanted it:

thanks for the memories albertsstuff!!!

“jjnb hbhhbkllbjblbjljbb” - dirt 6:19 pm 5/5/21

“oxygen is overrated” - HumanDrawer

children love the meat tank
Oh hi thanks for checking in I’m

Discord: fish#5474
roblox: thefishoffishes (follow me to message me and join my game and stuff lol)
tiktok: @nat_de_rat

TODD 2020

happy 2/22/22 (twosday) :))


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