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I’m a La account (all language account)

Fun fact: I’m taken by a handsome man :3 🩷

Warning: gore/swearing/vent/horror/(?)

“Nernerner watermelon!”

My name is peach.
I’m 16.
I like to draw and animate
And My prono are she/her they/them
I started in 2020 idk abt the date though
I can do Piano,Edits,Animation and Others
I like Breakcore,Phonk, and Other music
I’m good at rhythm games for all
Choco cat was my first comfort character
I got the winner wings 2.0
I have ADHD and other mental issues.

AnimeMaker — You are aready here.
Cookie run kingdom: —Drea1myW0rld
Roblox — @Coldbl00ds1
Discord: — MissPeach#8863
Pocket camp: — 69214053234
(Not putting like 100 of socials..)

My discord sever, Hope you’ll like it! (Need new link? Just text me!)

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