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Hi everyone. I can't upload anything anymore here. All the things of my life are taking a 'jog to the left'. But I shall still stand.
I'm gonna do some Q and A's.
Q: What gender are you?
A: I'm a female, but yes, I am a tomboy.
Q: What are your feelings most of the time? '-'
A: Depressed, mainly. If not Depressed, bored.
Q: What food do you like as your #1 fav?
A: Cheese Pizza. :>
Q: Do you have pets?
A: Yes, I do. I have 7 fish, 3 dogs, and one bird. Pretty hard of a responsibility. I like to keep Thresher out of the camera, since he gets pretty crazy when he's around my big camera. Thresher is my pet bird, and he's a parrot. (Yes, I managed to buy a parrot.) though he's small enough that we can raise him in our house.
Q: Who are your friends here on the app?
A: My friends are Anwii and Oku.
Q: What do you draw for free time?
A: Bendy pictures, Dinosaur pictures, Dragon pictures, Demon pictures, Depression comics, and so on.
Q: What's your favorite song?
A: I really can't choose which one is better, so my favorites are Gasoline, Control, (Gasoline and Control are by Halsey.) and Wars of Faith by Audio machine.
That wraps it up, so, I'm gonna go and see some good Animes here.
Btw, I got a channel on YouTube. It's called the Wolf Rex Cub Channel. -v-'

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