350 followers les gooo! (Top 50% Ranking)

We have finally reached 350 follo- oh wait I’m supposed to be inactive… yeah so i forgot to clarify, like that i wouldn’t just LEAVE the app until i finish the animation, i just won’t devote any time to making drawings until i finish said animation (look at Tony’s Birthday post). So anyway 350 followers! Thanks to every single one of my followers for supporting this account and overall just being fantastic.

So um new animation? Since i had to delete the app due to storage and then download it again, which i do every once in a while, all my drawings are now gone, so new animation! I personally like this one better cause i actually got the proportions of Alan right and didn’t make him look like a furry. Also, about the higher quality artwork, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I really like how the tail came out. If you want to know the secret to making higher quality animations, here it is: just devote more time to each frame. I know, mind-blowing.

And one more: when i come back from my break i better see this app more alive and active than when i left, so that means tell your friends about this app and see if they find it interesting. Also please no more drama, it’s a pain in the @$$. Any drama, just stop and start from a blank slate. Should seem easy enough.

When you use all that knowledge of dinosaur anatomy you have been gathering throughout your entire life so that it all leads up to an animation of a dinosaur dancing:

Bro i swear i don’t like Fortnite ( i learned the whole dance irl just cause i could, i was bored. I do weird things when i’m bored )

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This is never getting old

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[user is deactivated]
1 years ago   Reply

Ur so good at drawing Dino's

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This is the video i used for reference while making this animation:

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