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Lover of all things prehistory, hater of cringe. Look, let me be real here for a minute, i’m not a professional paleoartist. Heck, i don’t really even draw dinosaurs all the time on this page. I also draw robots, cartoons, comics, monsters, kaijus, other animals, memes, etc. This account is more of a melting pot of all the things i like rather than an account focused on paleoart alone. So basically i’m just an amateur.

I draw with iPad and stylus (some of my first drawings were finger-drawn though)

Gender: male (obviously)

Languages: Spanish and English🇵🇷

Age: 14

Personality type: INTJ-T
Request list (for when i am out of ideas, i will NOT do these immediately…):

-Warbat (request by FlamingRodents)

-otodus megalodon (request by Mystic Craft)

Make sure to go check out the Prehistoric Species Hybridization Facility, my alt where you can make crazy hybrids based on the highly successful Dinosaur Hybridization Program.

I go around and approve anything prehistory-related every once in a while…

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Account anniversary: January 19th

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