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First off, not a real professional paleoartist, just a guy making drawings and animations about his favorite things (prehistoric life, kaiju, monsters, animals, memes, etc.) Been around in this app since 2018, but only started posting in January 19, 2021, which is also the account anniversary.

Languages: respectively, Spanish and English🇵🇷 (but barely anyone here speaks Spanish so…)

Age: 15

🟢 Request list (for when i am out of ideas, i will NOT do these immediately…):

-fanart for someone (to remain anonymous)

-Freddy Fazbear (request by Golden Ferreti)

🔵 Characters:

Alan- red allosaurus with even redder crests, my first ever true original character. He functions as our mascot and basically represents the account. Created on January 21, 2021.

Tony- green tyrannosaurus, originally for my friends’ YouTube channel as we were asked to make a character based on our favorite things (dinosaurs, art, gaming, and Toon Sandwich for me at the time), but we seem to have dropped that idea so he just hangs out around here. Created on September 16, 2021.

DHL creatures (sort of)- now an abandoned desolate place, the Dinosaur Hybridization Lab was once a secret facility which specialized in the creation of hybrid dinosaurs. It was an interactive experience which had the audience choose the dna from a select array of dinosaur genomes in order for each participant to make their hybrid. You can check some of those out on some of my earlier posts (hashtag doesn’t work btw)

Monsters- haven’t posted those on here (yet), just some monster and creature designs i began doing at the start of 8th grade due to way too much free time at school, hoping to use those in something else in the future…

Others- these include robots, dinosaur designs, my own takes on other famous characters, etc.

I draw with iPad and stylus (some of my first drawings were finger-drawn though)

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