Redesigning the old DHL hybrids (Part 1)

Only real OGs will remember these. The Dinosaur Hybridization Lab, or DHL for short, was an interactive project I came up with a few years ago where people could create their own hybrid dinosaurs, which made sure i didn’t run out of things to draw and i could have fun designing the hybrids. However, I guess I just kind of abandoned it because I figured that I could do so many more things than just make hybrid dinosaurs. So over the next three posts I will redesign every single one of the DHL hybrids to honor it, since this is one of the steps brought me to where I am now and helped me discover that I really, REALLY like to make creature designs.


Spinodon— genetic material from various fish-eating animals results in a highly specialized piscivore

“Stegoceratops”— the DHL’s first attempt to recreate one of InGen’s most iconic hybrids while using DNA from alternate sources

Veloranokylus— fusion of a wide range of animals creates a resilient desert dweller with a unique defense mechanism

“Trikylosaurus”— typically an aggressive juggernaut, the structure of its incredibly durable bony scutes is being researched for possible military applications

“Spinoraptor”— this haunting creature of the night is a result of gene splicing with DNA of deep-sea animals

Nothopleurodon— giving an oceanic apex predator the ability to walk on land and camouflage seemed like a good idea on paper…

🔴NOTE: These drawings aren’t meant to be scientifically accurate versions of the hybrids, they’re just redesigned versions that still keep the 90’s dinosaur aesthetic similar to that of Jurassic Park, which honestly heavily inspired this in the first place (more specifically, JP: Chaos Effect and JW:TG)

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How…JUST HOW!! This is so frigin goood and detailed!! 💕💕 amazing

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Bro that game is my childhood, i redownloaded it last year and it’s still so good. Honestly I feel like that game also inspired me to make this whole thing in the first place

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  A.A 🎨


where did you go

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This is literally criminally underrated man..

The game "Jurrassic world: The Game" should definitely hire you for some Dino designs, you're really creative

Especially the hybrid dinos like, bro, you would definitely flucking cook with those designs, especially that feral looking raptor, I love it so damn much..

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No shot this is all drawing with this app.
You're amazing! How do you do it?

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