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fuck you ( TW desc )

8 . 27 . 2023
>>> TW : Slight body horror, red substance that MAY be misunderstood as blood (I just used red to accentuate my anger), mild flashing lights, and lots of cursing

SO MANY FRAMES IT TOOK LIKE 10 MINS TO UPLOAD, 442 frames but still not enough to capture my feelings

(yk what, i wrote all this shit down but i also might delete it all later. im just so angry, im angry and yes, this is how i truly feel, but anger can get to the best of us )

guys, moral of the story, please please please set boundaries with any person, especially your partner. And please don’t ever have your life entirely revolve around or 100% rely on your relationship. You need to build a foundation for yourself where you can still stand without someone else supporting you. Don’t get me wrong, support from someone is amazing, but make sure you build your own pillars instead of combining yours and someone else’s together, otherwise if they leave, everything you built falls into havoc. And please, just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice so much of your life for them to be temporarily happy
(i did end up deleting entire paragraphs of venting, it was so ungodly long)

lmfao remember my “< // 3” post? that was abt them!1!1, I should have known it was doomed from the very beginning

They tore me apart in this relationship
fuck, just because you love someone, you shouldn’t ruin yourself for them

1 . 2 . 2023 - thank you guys for the support, it means a lot after my life is going downhill again

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of course I remember you :)
I like to check-up on the app every so often, see how everyone's doing yk?
I'm just glad I got to drop by at the right time. These are tough times and we need all the support we can get :D

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oh my god, solar, i remember you. nevermind about the vent right now, im so glad to see you again, i hope youre doing well ): ive really missed you, if you dont remember me because of my new name, i used to be ixu lupin, thank you for your words, im just more happy to know that you took a small visit down animemaker after quitting a year ago. youre one of my oldest friends on this app, and its really really good to see you again just one last time

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Honestly, I am incredibly proud. As someone who, got out early I guess is a good way to put it, seeing someone finally be able to put themselves first, idk it brings a smile to my face. I've known others who werent as able to get out and when their SO "got tired" of them, they were left lost. It'll suck for a long time, but nows really the chance to come out the other side better, truly be able to understand what you want not only in a relationship, but in yourself. thank you,

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This is the most unique animation on this app, it has deep meaning behind it,

You may feel sad now, but the lord is with you…never forget that<3

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  ☆ varmint

I’m so sorry you had to go through all that bullshit. Hopefully you’re doing a lot better now. Take care! 💗

( by the way the animation was phenomenal and so unique. I absolutely love your work!! )

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