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Pfp made by me 🤡

⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️❗️ PLS READ❗️: Also I've noticed lots of people asking for fanart. Now sometimes if I feel like it, I will gladly do it but I don't want lots of people asking lol- I kind of get overwhelmed sometimes 😅 so it would reaaaallly help out if ya could not ask for fanart or do a challenge you made please and thank you!

Blackberry lemonade info ⬇️

Pls call me black berry :]
My sister is a Dookie head 😒🙄
I am the better version of her btw
I'm single so if ya wanna hit me up I'm free 😏😏( unless your a guy..girls are better 🥵)
I basically like the opposite of my sister so yea. Also I'm the same age as her. And yes I am a girl.
My info ⬇️

What you can call me: berry, Strawberry, lemon, or just Strawberry lemonade!
Gender: female
Age: 14 🤩🙌
Sexuality: bisexual
Zodiac sign: capricorn ♑️
Likes:cats, anime, drawing, purple and black colors, nice peeps, FNAF, the walten files, Spooky month!, cuphead, stranger things, MLP, CANDY, my followers! <3
Make sure to follow if u like my animations and drawings 😊😌. Pls help me get to my goals!

Goal 31: 310 followers ✅️
Goal 32: 320 followers ✅️
Goal 33: 330 followers ✅️
Goal 34: 340 followers ✅️
Goal 35: 350 followers ⛔️

There will be cussing on my account so yea :p
Pls no hate or spamming! 😊

Irl Besties:
Kazimir 🏳️‍⚧️
Gato da Kitty (my husband 😍)

Online Besties:
!> floof noodles <!


Epic vid right here ➡️:

Other socials:
Tik tok: @strawberrylemonzzzz

You have reached the end of my long ass bio congrats! Hope your having a great day/night!

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