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Hello! My middle name is Elizabeth, I use Eliza for short though, I’d rather not use my real name for safety reasons :). I also just post random crap and stuff like drawings, because that’s all I can do since I’m a not-so-talented-child, thank you for visiting! ❤️
ALSO: I am just going to put this here since I have seen many get canceled for this, I follow people just to show support, not for clout of followers only. I only just wish to help their account grow and support them, THATS ALL.
Info about me:
Middle name: Elizabeth
Age: 12 (2011)
Gender: Biological female
Sexual identification: Heterosexual
Crush/lover: Some person irl that nobody doesn’t even know on this app so I’m not gonna say the name :b.
Religion/faith: Atheist
Personality: Calm, kind, caring, and annoying (Trust me, i act 100% different in real life, I barley even talk when it comes to social interaction or meeting others, lol)
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 5’5 (Idk why I’m so tall at a young age-)
Grade: 7th grade
Intelligence: 105-108
Allergic to: (sorted from severe to light) Cashew, pistachio, walnut, Cats, dogs, dust, pollen, horses, hamsters, dust mites, and milk.
Languages able to speak in: Native English, beginner Spanish, and over 90 words in Chinese.
Ethnicity: American, British, greek, Irish, and Italian.
Accent: Mostly New York accent, I sometimes mimic others by mistake.
Fears: Failure, separation, darkness, being called autistic, being lost, being trapped, and dying.
Favorite show: SpongeBob because I am not allowed to watch almost about anything until I am 18.
Favorite animals: Red pandas
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite movie: Wolf walkers
Least liked book series: Warrior cats (They destroyed the entire story at book two ;—;)
Least liked movie: Emoji movie
Please don’t follow me if:
You make pornography without any warning
You are a pedophile or have groomed children
You are attracted to animals/are a zoo
You have sexually harassed/bullied people
Have committed racist acts
Deaf threat people a a “joke”
(If you do these, you’ll be permanently blocked since those are neither okay nor correct.)
Shoutouts because WHY nOt?
(I give shoutouts to people who had made fan art for me, who I gave fan art to, one to my first follower, and to my brother)
Project Fall 


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Max [leader of the anti porn]


Doge Animations 1.0™️ 


Stuff you can find me on:
Roblox: Nighttime_sky11
AmongUs: Foxyfun#1492
Pokémon GO: 7061 2005 5891
Stuff you can find my brother on:
Roblox: Vincenzo811
Pokémon GO: 3087 2336 2874
YouTube: Vincenzo Gaming
Fortnite: CarloNYC

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